Thule Excellence Lid Box Cover


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  • Thule Excellence Lid Protection Cover
  • Manufacturer’s Art. Nr. 1401415900
  • This custom-fit lid cover protects your Thule Excellence box from scratches and dust during storage
  • Made out of soft material to protect your rooftop box surface from dirt and scratches, while in storage
  • The cover features an easy-fit elastic edge to keep it in place.  Just slip it over the roof box lid.
  • The cover has an integrated sleeve for easy storage when not in use.
  • Machine washable

Condition: NW

  • Item is brand new, in unopened/sealed point-of-sale packaging, with original labeling as shown below

Owner/User Notes

  • This cover fits the following Thule Excellence rooftop box dimensions:
  • 218 cm L
  • 94 cm W
  • 40 cm H
  • Volume 470 liters
  • Because of the “shower cap style” elastic edge, this box lid cover can probably fit a rooftop box with slightly different dimensions from the Thule Excellence
  • Below is an image of the actual Thule Excellence box from the Thule website, so you can see the shape of the box.  Along with the dimensions, this should hopefully help you determine if it will fit your box.

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