Prada Sunglasses SPR 08G


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  • Prada Sunglasses SPR 08G with hardcase
  • Color number 1AB 1A1 (Black)
  • 63-16-125 mm
  • Hard case included

Condition: AVG

  • Item shows evidence of use, with plenty of life left, as shown below.  Case shows clear signs of wear and the City Of Surf rating is REUSE.

Owner/User Notes

  • This pair of sunglasses is in good shape, and shows evidence of use as pictured on lenses and hard case below.
  • Both lenses show very light marks that I hope you can see on the photos.  They are easil\y filled or polished professionally.
  • Overall condition of this pair of sunglasses is very good (AVG-REUSE), with no broken or loose parts, no medium or heavy scratches.
  • Overall condition of the hard case is fair (REUSE) due to clear signs of wear.  The case is in solid condition with no tears in the case material.  Please see below for fold marks and nick marks from the case sitting in a jacket pocket.

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