About Shopping & Shipping

A message from City Of Surf:  Shop with aloha. Find what you need while helping others in need.

Inventory Item stock is usually limited to one of each, unless otherwise noted. Item replacements, returns, refunds and exchanges are available only when arranged with City Of Surf in advance of your purchase. Exceptions are held for purchases damaged or lost by the shipper, where USPS/UPS/FedEx is able to help via the claims process for eligible purchases. 

Cleanliness is a given. All items are professionally cleaned, maintained and properly stored to the best of our ability in a clean, pet-friendly, smoke-free, controlled environment. Only perfume-free, dye-free cleaning agents are used, because it makes sense to keep products as useable as possible for as long as possible. There is no need for unsustainably harsh dry-cleaning chemicals, fabric softeners and compounds that deteriorate performance materials and are unnecessarily detrimental to the environment.

Feel good! Find what you need while helping someone in need. City of Surf benefits from and is supported by warm-hearted individuals who support rescue animals, biodiversity and planetary wellness. Select charities, rescuers & do-gooders benefit from monthly contributions. You are likely here because of your own aloha! Stay tuned for updates on the list of beneficiaries, or reach out to inform us about the ones you support.

Shipping is included because we can and it helps! Ever heard of aloha? Shipping is free in the US. Note some stipulations on Garage Sale specials. Please enjoy and share the aloha!

“Why waste a perfectly useful box,” said every cat ever. Like some merchandise here, packaging will be reused whenever possible. Reducing demand is the first answer to minimizing impact. Make it your answer too!

City of Surf also strives to promote the use and accessibility of durable goods, practice sustainable reuse and repurposing of resources to decrease demand on the primary highways of fast fashion, disposable goods, single-use merchandise and other short-term large-footprint industries. Check the blog for more durability and anti-landfill tips.

Shipping is fulfilled via USPS/UPS/Fedex within 10 business days of complete payment receipt. Business days include Mondays to Fridays, excluding US Federal and California state holidays.

Please send an email with your immediate contact and purchase information (such as a phone #) if you have further requests or instructions. International purchases are now processed via email only.

Questions? Text 831 222 0575 (fastest), or send an email to CityOfSurf@gmail.com. City Of Surf is run by real humans with real life jobs, chores, pets, families, etc. Thank you for understanding that it could take a minute reply.

Condition Rating (See individual product details for more information.)

Products are scored to provide a snapshot of its condition. As usual, we welcome inquiries when further info is needed!

  • NW (New in box, with tags, or both)
  • NWO (New without tags)
  • LT (Lightly, gently used, looks pretty new, zero to minor signs of wear)
  • AVG (Used in average condition with evidence of wash and wear)
  • REUSE (Used with signs of wear)
  • REPUP (Used, repurposable, reusable, may indicate repair)
  • WO  (Worn out, functional and resisting the landfill)