About Shopping & Shipping

A message from City Of Surf:  Shop with confidence!

Let us be your personal gearhead and value store. Our lineup ranges across brand new super discounted deals, new and used business attire & accessories, and savings on useful everyday gear. Send us an email if you are hunting for a specific something that is not listed yet here.

Know what to expect, without any surprises. We do our best to provide as much reasonable pertinent product details as possible.

No minimums. Ever heard of aloha? Shipping is free in the contiguous US because we are currently able to help.  Please enjoy and share the aloha.

Competitive prices. Prices are listed as is, averaging 50-80% below MSRP (US). We do not believe in so-called “fees.” If the price says $19.99, that is all. Please enjoy and share the aloha.

Clear conditions. We do not edit our photos to hide details or make pretty. We may use stock photos for purposes of item recognition. We provide our own photos in the item details, and we only adjust for clarity’s sake. Our product details are specific and informative, so you SEE what you are getting. We encourage you to contact us, if you need further details.

Clean. All items are professionally cleaned and properly stored to the best of our ability, in a clean, pet-friendly, smoke-free, controlled environment. Almost all items are exposed to perfume-free, dye-free cleaning agents because we like to keep our products as useable as possible.

Feel really good!  Together, we are making it good! City of Surf benefits from and is supported by warm-hearted individuals who support rescue animals, and strive to reduce our planetary impact by reusing & repurposing where we can. City of Surf donates monthly to select charities, rescuers & do-gooders. Stay tuned for updates on our list of beneficiaries, or contact us to include ones you support. We get that reducing is our first answer to minimizing our own impact. Make it your answer too!

Shipping is provided as a courtesy because we can, and it helps! Your item will be shipped within 5 business days of complete payment receipt. Default shipping is via USPS, courtesy of City Of Surf and fellow Smart users .

Click through your order for more details. You will have opportunities to edit your shopping cart and payment options.

In alignment with our Smart movement, we choose to reuse packaging whenever possible.

Please send us an email with your immediate contact information (such as a phone #) if you have further shipping preferences (such as UPS, or specific delivery instructions).

Questions? Send an email to CityOfSurf@gmail.com.

Condition Rating (Also see individual product details for more information.)

We assign a score to our products to give you a clear snapshot of its condition. As usual, we welcome inquiries if further info is needed!

  • NW (New in box, with tags, or both)
  • NWO (New without tags)
  • LT (Lightly, gently used)
  • AVG (Used in average condition with evidence of wash and wear)
  • REUSE (Used with signs of wear)
  • REPUP (Used, repurposable, reusable, may indicate repair)
  • WO  (Worn out, functional and resisting the landfill)